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I just don’t understand…

We are all hearing about the swine flu these days and while watching a french debate yesterday, I heard that France has spent 1.5 Billion Euro on the swine flu.  This seems really a big sum and I’ve decided to find out more on the internet, and while surfing I read some very disturbing materials.

Media :

I stated out by making some searches on Google news to know more about all this and compare it to famine.  I searched for swine flu and famine on Google news and there are 47,835 articles talking about swine flu over the last month and there are 2,437 articles on famine for the same period.   Are we not missing the point here or I am not understanding it all?? There are 30 times more articles on swine flu and those on famine are not even reporting about current famine in Africa!

Figures :

Just for some statistics, here are the figures. I found this article that says there are 1,800 deaths, maybe the number has increased but take a look at this one or this one!  There are 25,000 children dying every day because of poverty, hunger or diseases and 800 million people suffer from hunger in the world.  As far as I know most of us who get swine flu will recover within days, but those children are dying every minute.  Why does the World Health Organization talks so much about the flu and not about famine or other major problem.

Is the WHO and the media promoting the pharmaceutic industry because they want to make rich people fear for their lives and pay to be saved?  Am I missing something? I hope so, but I just don’t understand those figures.  I’ve checked these links several times cause it just seems insane.

47,835 for swine flu

47,835 for swine flu


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