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I just wanted to promote some Mauritian sites. I heard that Google tend to increment site page rank when they are sited in  blogs and other sites so here I am with my links:

The first one is A nice site which gives you a large number of company locations in Mauritius. Wondered where is the nearest bank at your work or home, just search it there….

The second one is A young blogger, but check it out, it’s an opposition to MBC… Big applause.

And the third and last one is which is a site with very little contents, but with a good idea. Hope with much contributions from all of you, it will work.

Cheers.. that’s it. As I know there are many, many visitors to my blog, I just have to warn those sites that there will be a peak in their visitors count….

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1 Year!

Hi all! A long time I have not been writing post, but have been to the Mauritian Blogging Meeting… Twice… Does that count? I have been doing so much in the meantime and I just wanted to have a post to have a recap of my life for the last year, it will be short and just highlighting some points for this period.

So, in my last cap I was still trying to install VB6 on vista… Long time back, I had not yet started my final year project.

May 2008 – So I have been able to complete the final year project. Can you believe it? AND! I have been graduated.

July 2008 – After having my certificate in hand, I started my carreer at Proximity Indian Ocean which is at Quatre Bornes. It was my first job, and everything was about learning and getting new experiences.


August 2008 – After two months, Kevina started working at Proximity too, which is really great…

December 2008 – I got confirmed after 6 months of work and I bought an iPhone and a car in January. Both are still working.


In 2009 everything went really fast, I started working on some major projects, one of them is the LU – France website which we put online on the 14th of April…


May 2009 – I submit my letter of resignation at Proximity to sign at Software Teams, the cout down was on, it was my two last months at Proximity.

July 2009 – I bought a laptop to start my MSc!! Internet Technology and Web Development…

August 2009 – Kevina it’s 20 months…………


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How to install Visual Studio 6.0 on Vista

Don’t know why Vista says that Visual Studio has known compatibility issues with windows vista.

if the setup is run in compatibility mode, VS works fine in Vista.

right click and click properties on setup.exe in the Visual Studio cd-rom

click on the compatibility tab

check the “run this program in compatibility mode” and select windows xp

right click on setup.exe and run as administrator

There will be a “known program compatibility issues”

click on run program (you may choose to check don’t show message again)

follow the steps in setup (if any pop-ups appear just allow setup.exe to continue)

cheers you may start using your c++ programs

if any compatibility issues pops up again just click on run program


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So for the BlogActionDay, I’ll talk about a simple pollution problem, cause i don’t really have time to talk about big issues.  Busses in Mauritius, as you all know make a hell  much of pollution, and this pollution deposits on the vegetables we eat.  I think there is a simple problem to be solved only a pollitical determination is needed.  The right laws should be passed so as to prevent these polluted buses from  invating our roads.  The bus company can with all its profits can replace all its old buses with new ones, however, these laws  won’t be passed.  In a capitalist system, the rich are protected and in Mauritius the profits of these bus companies are well protected. (Next generation politicien at UOM will perhaps be better?) This would be a good measure to reduce pollution IN MAURITIUS as compare to hybrid cars, cause the mass pollution is done by buses. New buses would also promote use of public transport, with more confortable buses, reducing more pollution.
So to end, i say we can all make a difference but are you prepare to do the right thing even though they are difficult?


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Hello there!

Yes I did it. I made a blog.   It’s a craze, many have a blog now.   As of September 2007, blog search engine Technorati was tracking more than 106 million blogs.  In Mauritius, blogs are at full swing, it seems we all need to pass on our opinions.  So as not to be left behind here’s mine.  Its purpose not defined yet, but at least this will keep a history of what I’ve been up to in my final year at university.   All friends told me blogging is great, so hope it will be fun.

Football: I’m a Holland fan.  Netherlands will play Romania today, and they will win.  Seedorf will perhaps start with the suspension of Sneijder.  He is benched mostly since his recall by van Basten.


P.S I’m not that good in English to say the least, so if there are any spelling (hope the spell checker removes all), grammatical, or any other, please apologize or leave a comment to correct me.  And if you have a blog, tell me what you like best in blogging.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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