Ugly Politicians

06 Dec

I watched the News for once today and after a good coverage on Dagotiere, there was another one on the Prime Minister.  By what I heard from it, he is the new super hero who has constructed a R120 Million center for old persons, a five star complex with swimming pool and so on.  Old people are falling at his feet to show their gratitude.

My point is he used our money for a Rs 120 Million complex that would serve a very little minority of old people (I may guess who that minority is.). I think that the money could have been used to build 20 smaller complex in each area and our elders could really have a place to meet and enjoy themselves without having to move such long distances.

Anyway what really annoyed me was the coverage of the event. There was a red carpet with the elders on both side welcoming the Prime Minister and thanking him. There were accolades, kisses and those old persons even fell at his feet. This is a sign of respect normally attributed to elders… And the reporter was showing all this(for around 10 mins) as if it was some normal thing. I personally felt bad. It was pure propaganda and nothing more, and this should not happen in a democratic country.  I hope there will be another political party coming up with youngsters and new way of doing things.

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