Programming and ME.

04 Oct

I wanted to make a post on my adventure with programming, as I was thinking about all this today and I was saying why not put in on “pen and paper”.  I have some situations to share with all of my faithful readers 🙂

Commodore 64

It all started in the start of the 90’s when we had a Commodore 64 () at home.  My father always believed in computers and while everyone was playing Super Mario on their console I was waiting for the tapes to load on the Commodore 64.  For the youngest of you, it must be known that these types of devices for as far as I know did not have hard disk.  We had to either put a disk tape in it and wait for it load or program it ourselves.  We did not have many tapes at that time at home, but however we had a book which had several algorithms in it.  So at 6 when I wanted to play I had to copy the program.  It cannot be considered as programming, however, I still remember when I had completed copying one quarter of it and compiled it, and I had several errors.  I think it made me learn that syntax is very important.  The foundations of programming were laid.


Then I did not do much programming until I was 11 and I was in form 1.  I was doing some addition programs.  It is at this time that I learned if, goto and some basic input and output.  Personally I really like QBasic as a learning language and I think it might have inspired many of those who learned programming using it.

DBase and C

In form 4 and form 5 I did my project in DBase and I remember I did some animations in it.  What I did was a loop that displays some words at different places at each loop.  And as DBase took some milliseconds to loop, it seemed like animations.

Still in form 4, my mother was doing her MSc in Computer Science and as I “knew” programming I was trying to help her.  I learned the basics of the language and I quickly was out of competence after her second week… Sadly she stopped her course after 6 months, but it was a good chance for me to learn a new language


I did my HSC project in VB6 and I learned a lot thought it, but not only for the project, I did several small programs like snake, Brain teaser or Twisting colours.  I have uploaded them on rapidshare, have a look at them.


It is there that I really started programming and it was boring at times and also fun at others, some of the languages I know the basis of are : C#, php, asp,, python, ruby, java, vb, vrml, scheme, lisp, JavaScript, prolog.


It is the very beginning but it has been 11 years since I started programming now and I am trying to get good at it.  I have only one year of experience, I am learning a lot.  The languages I am trying to learn these days are python for the app engine of Google, I also downloaded the compilers of Scala and Erlang and I need to find some time to learn these.

Wow this was a long post!  Cheers all 3 of you who started reading this and only the 1 😉 who ended it! Cheers!

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  1. Kevina

    October 6, 2009 at 1:39 am

    long indeed… but nice read… n ya i read it till the end…


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