Mauritius Sites

03 Sep

I just wanted to promote some Mauritian sites. I heard that Google tend to increment site page rank when they are sited in  blogs and other sites so here I am with my links:

The first one is A nice site which gives you a large number of company locations in Mauritius. Wondered where is the nearest bank at your work or home, just search it there….

The second one is A young blogger, but check it out, it’s an opposition to MBC… Big applause.

And the third and last one is which is a site with very little contents, but with a good idea. Hope with much contributions from all of you, it will work.

Cheers.. that’s it. As I know there are many, many visitors to my blog, I just have to warn those sites that there will be a peak in their visitors count….

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One response to “Mauritius Sites

  1. Kevina

    September 3, 2009 at 11:34 am

    nice initiative… these r links i’ve never come across before… thnx!


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