I just launched, a tumblr powered site. Having just bought a Nikon D3100, I thought it might be nice to have a website for showcasing some of the pictures I took and think are nice.

Just 4 or 5 pictures are there for now. Hope I get a lot more up there and hope that I get better at it. 🙂

It is always nice to have a weblog even though I do not write much on this one these days.. I am just watching the date of my last post! It has been 2 years from the last one. In the meantime I completed my Masters, changed job and created which is competing with this one to have new posts..


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Ugly Politicians

I watched the News for once today and after a good coverage on Dagotiere, there was another one on the Prime Minister.  By what I heard from it, he is the new super hero who has constructed a R120 Million center for old persons, a five star complex with swimming pool and so on.  Old people are falling at his feet to show their gratitude.

My point is he used our money for a Rs 120 Million complex that would serve a very little minority of old people (I may guess who that minority is.). I think that the money could have been used to build 20 smaller complex in each area and our elders could really have a place to meet and enjoy themselves without having to move such long distances.

Anyway what really annoyed me was the coverage of the event. There was a red carpet with the elders on both side welcoming the Prime Minister and thanking him. There were accolades, kisses and those old persons even fell at his feet. This is a sign of respect normally attributed to elders… And the reporter was showing all this(for around 10 mins) as if it was some normal thing. I personally felt bad. It was pure propaganda and nothing more, and this should not happen in a democratic country.  I hope there will be another political party coming up with youngsters and new way of doing things.

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Programming and ME.

I wanted to make a post on my adventure with programming, as I was thinking about all this today and I was saying why not put in on “pen and paper”.  I have some situations to share with all of my faithful readers 🙂

Commodore 64

It all started in the start of the 90’s when we had a Commodore 64 () at home.  My father always believed in computers and while everyone was playing Super Mario on their console I was waiting for the tapes to load on the Commodore 64.  For the youngest of you, it must be known that these types of devices for as far as I know did not have hard disk.  We had to either put a disk tape in it and wait for it load or program it ourselves.  We did not have many tapes at that time at home, but however we had a book which had several algorithms in it.  So at 6 when I wanted to play I had to copy the program.  It cannot be considered as programming, however, I still remember when I had completed copying one quarter of it and compiled it, and I had several errors.  I think it made me learn that syntax is very important.  The foundations of programming were laid.


Then I did not do much programming until I was 11 and I was in form 1.  I was doing some addition programs.  It is at this time that I learned if, goto and some basic input and output.  Personally I really like QBasic as a learning language and I think it might have inspired many of those who learned programming using it.

DBase and C

In form 4 and form 5 I did my project in DBase and I remember I did some animations in it.  What I did was a loop that displays some words at different places at each loop.  And as DBase took some milliseconds to loop, it seemed like animations.

Still in form 4, my mother was doing her MSc in Computer Science and as I “knew” programming I was trying to help her.  I learned the basics of the language and I quickly was out of competence after her second week… Sadly she stopped her course after 6 months, but it was a good chance for me to learn a new language


I did my HSC project in VB6 and I learned a lot thought it, but not only for the project, I did several small programs like snake, Brain teaser or Twisting colours.  I have uploaded them on rapidshare, have a look at them.


It is there that I really started programming and it was boring at times and also fun at others, some of the languages I know the basis of are : C#, php, asp,, python, ruby, java, vb, vrml, scheme, lisp, JavaScript, prolog.


It is the very beginning but it has been 11 years since I started programming now and I am trying to get good at it.  I have only one year of experience, I am learning a lot.  The languages I am trying to learn these days are python for the app engine of Google, I also downloaded the compilers of Scala and Erlang and I need to find some time to learn these.

Wow this was a long post!  Cheers all 3 of you who started reading this and only the 1 😉 who ended it! Cheers!

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I could not resist..

Google is having problems with its contacts. I am always complaining (at times rightly) about all sorts of sites. Today there is a problem with the greatest of them all GMAIL!! See the screen shots. For everyone’s sake, hope they don’t lose anything…

I do not know if it is a global error, but there is the following error :

Gmail is temporarily unable to access your Contacts. You may experience issues while this persists

Gmail contacts error

BTW some other news, I wrote a python web site for my super printing site. 😀 It is not related at all to printing but who cares.

It is done on the Google App engine and here’s the URL:

First step to a mega site which does not crash.  Haha…


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A Mauritian Printing Site

I want to setup a site online for students mainly so that they can launch a print at the ease of their home. I been analyzing the idea and I really think this system would help a lot of students return their reports or project on time.

Uni students and I’m one of them, we always tend to wait for the last minute to finish reports. This leave us with the two hours left before classes start to print and bind…

I want to put the site live by the end of the year so that these students could launch their prints before leaving home and go and collect it at Rose-Hill or other places where the print was sent.

Can it work? Yeah surely… 😀


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This is our Mauritius : is down

Today 12th September 2009 the site that all Mauritians should be using regularly, is down.  Meaning all the Ministerial sites  are also down.    It seems the site cannot cope with all the request being made to the site.

All the money they spent on radio advertisement is just wasted!  I am sure a lot of money has been also wasted to develop the site.  It just illustrates the situation where we are in Mauritius.  Those big guns from the Ministry will only react as always instead of seeing the problem beforehand and take necessary actions.

We analyzed this site lately for the MSc course, we saw the visual look of the site depicts its underlying problems.  There are no caching as the lecturer from Web Dev stressed a lot, which is a basic need of the web.  The administration here in Mauritius is 10 or 15 years back, there need for improvement.  Just another example, I applied for my MSc in March and it was not till end of September that I found that my course was now confirmed and will be done.

I wanted to fill in my income tax form, but it looks like I should postpone this for later.  I understand now why I pay so much tax.


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I just don’t understand…

We are all hearing about the swine flu these days and while watching a french debate yesterday, I heard that France has spent 1.5 Billion Euro on the swine flu.  This seems really a big sum and I’ve decided to find out more on the internet, and while surfing I read some very disturbing materials.

Media :

I stated out by making some searches on Google news to know more about all this and compare it to famine.  I searched for swine flu and famine on Google news and there are 47,835 articles talking about swine flu over the last month and there are 2,437 articles on famine for the same period.   Are we not missing the point here or I am not understanding it all?? There are 30 times more articles on swine flu and those on famine are not even reporting about current famine in Africa!

Figures :

Just for some statistics, here are the figures. I found this article that says there are 1,800 deaths, maybe the number has increased but take a look at this one or this one!  There are 25,000 children dying every day because of poverty, hunger or diseases and 800 million people suffer from hunger in the world.  As far as I know most of us who get swine flu will recover within days, but those children are dying every minute.  Why does the World Health Organization talks so much about the flu and not about famine or other major problem.

Is the WHO and the media promoting the pharmaceutic industry because they want to make rich people fear for their lives and pay to be saved?  Am I missing something? I hope so, but I just don’t understand those figures.  I’ve checked these links several times cause it just seems insane.

47,835 for swine flu

47,835 for swine flu


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